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Reward for What?!

According to news reports, the US State Department announced that in response to the continued attacks on US diplomatic personal and assistance missions in Iraq it was offering a reward of $3 million for information about the perpetrators.  This seemed … Continue reading

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Mosul – Prepare for Chemical Weapons and Civilian Casualties

Retaking Mosul from ISIS is clearly the next big military objective.  Visits to Baghdad by SECDEF Ash Carter and SECSTATE John Kerry clearly presage this movement.  Carter announced additional US forces and capabilities.  President Obama’s meetings with the GCC clearly … Continue reading

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Iran Nuclear Deal?

The volume of opinions on the potential deal concerning Iran’s nuclear capacity is deafening. I risk adding to the noise. One thoughtful voice with long experience working on the Administration’s part is Robert Einhorn. He just offered the case for … Continue reading

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Iran: How bad a deal is worse than no deal?

The momentum to agree to something with Iran on their nuclear program is obvious even considering the public comments cautioning that a deal may not happen. Discussion now centers on how long of a breakout lead-time a deal would create. … Continue reading

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