Malaysian Aircraft Cargo? | Charles Duelfer

Malaysian Aircraft Cargo?

Scheduled airlines don’t just carry passengers.  They carry cargo–lots of it.  While there has been a release of the passenger manifest, there has not been a release of the cargo manifest.  The cargo manifest will be at least as interesting as the passenger manifest–for considering accidental or malevolent causes. Silence on this aspect by governments is beginning to seem curious.

In 1996 a ValuJet passenger flight crashed in Florida and the cause was linked to fire caused by oxygen generators that were being transported as cargo.  Pan Am 103 was destroyed in 1988 by a bomb in the cargo hold.  Also, bear in mind, had Pan Am 103 exploded a bit later, over the ocean, it is unlikely that the cause would have ever been determined since only by tracing small bits of luggage were investigators able to put the trail together.  Those bits would not have been recovered had the aircraft been over the ocean.  Malevolent actors are well aware of this.


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