MH370 – Hacking an Aircraft in Flight? | Charles Duelfer

MH370 – Hacking an Aircraft in Flight?

Another thing to think about besides whats in the cargo hold of your next overseas flight.  The general public is now becoming aware that modern jets have ongoing data feeds back to manufacturers.  This helps companies like Boeing and Rolls Royce know aircraft condition issues and be able to preposition spare parts or experts quickly to keep the aircraft in service.  That’s great except if you worry about cyber attacks.  If aircraft computers are putting out data related to critical systems, then they can, in principle, be hacked unless there is robust security.  Imagine the financial impact if it got around that one potential failure mode for the Malaysian flight was that its computers were hacked?  Why would anyone do that?  Well aircraft often are subject to random bullet fire from yahoos with rifles firing up at them.  Lasers have been used with the same careless abandon.  I would bet Boeing and others have cyber attacks on their list of things to run down (and treat confidentially).

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