Extremists at Former Saddam CW Facility | Charles Duelfer

Extremists at Former Saddam CW Facility

The Wall Street Journal reports ISIL extremists at a former Iraqi CW facility.  The Muthana State Establishment was a huge facility where the Saddam government produced tons of anthrax and sarin.  Most of it used against the Iranians in the 1980’s war. The UN weapons inspection team UNSCOM, inspected and destroyed all key equipment and munitions.  However some of the precursor chemicals were too unstable to move safely to the incinerator and hydrolysis plant we operated from 1992-1994.  So we placed barrels of this toxic waste and contaminated equipment in two huge bunkers on the facility, inventoried the contents and entombed them.   The contents are dangerous, but not as weapons.  I have been in one of the bunkers but with a full CW protection suite including self-contained breathing source and a detector which was flashing warnings.  Those bunkers will be very dangerous to anyone who tries to break into them (and people have, largely scavengers looking to extract re-bar metal).  But the risk that the contents can somehow be used against others is minute.  It is more akin to a toxic waste site than a weapons bunker.

In fact, if the bad guys succeed in getting in, it may be one way of getting some of them off the battlefield.

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