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Syria CW Use: Who crossed whose red-line?

Did Bashir cross Obama’s redline, or the other way around? The perspective in Damascus may be different. The Syrian situation has taken yet another turn for the worse. Which is to say it has become even more unpredictable. The apparent … Continue reading

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Syria CW Conundrum – Risks, Options, Consequences and Mitigation Measures

So far, Syrian chemical munitions seem to have been protected and have not been used by the Syrian government. There were reports of steps being taken to prepare them for use, but it seems Syria has walked back from that … Continue reading

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Investigations and Elections – Personal Experience

I have no idea what the facts are about the FBI investigation that led to the Petraeus resignation. I also do not know the details behind the investigation of the Benghazi Attack. However, I had the experience of investigation an … Continue reading

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Leading the CIA

The Petraeus resignation may look different if you are sitting in the CIA. A salient aspect would be the contrast between the standards Petraeus is reported to have ratcheted up inside the Agency and the ones he lived. During the … Continue reading

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Politics in Washington and Beijing

With the United States self-absorbed in its own elections…staring at its navel…it is interesting to see other capitals focusing attention on the upcoming 18th Party Congress that begins two days after the US election. Leadership will change in China and … Continue reading

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Iran: The Crisis Grows and US Lacks Influence

The Iran nuclear problem is approaching crisis stage and the IAEA is in a critical position. They have done a remarkable job in being steadfast in working toward their larger objectives and in maintaining credibility in a highly charged political … Continue reading

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Syrian Ambassador on WMD Use

The Syrian ambassador to Iraq, Nawaf al-Fares, has declared his opposition to the Bashir al-Assad regime in Damascus. He has made strong public denunciations of the regime and declared that Bashir would use his chemical weapons capability against the opposition. … Continue reading

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Picture Washington as seen by Tehran

Imagine you’re the intelligence analyst in Tehran who is charged with making an assessment of the leadership in Washington…and predicting what President Obama will do. Not an easy task. Even Washington can’t predict what Washington will do. Still, some in … Continue reading

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The Last Iraqi WMD person released

One of the best known WMD technocrats to UN weapons inspectors, Mahmud Faraj Bilal Al Samarrai, was among 15 Iraqis released from prison a few days ago. A Justice Department official was quoted as saying that they were released by … Continue reading

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