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Corvid-19 and Industrial Policy Reconsideration

The weak national response to Corvid-19 in the US will produce a re-awakening of debate on national industrial policy.  Are there national interests that cannot be left simply to the free market and shareholders seeking to maximize profit?  Yes, of … Continue reading

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Looming Disaster of “Doing Mosul”

If President Obama pushes ahead to expel ISIS from the major city of Mosul in Iraq, without much better preparation of the post-conflict circumstances, the aftermath with be a disaster.  Iraq was bad when he inherited the problem, it may … Continue reading

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The Syrian CW Declaration…So far, so good

Syria has taken the first critical step in the process laid out by Lavrov and Kerry last week in Geneva. Damascus made its initial declaration of its chemical weapons inventory and infrastructure to the technical secretariat of the Organization for … Continue reading

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Syria CW: How Can We Make it Worse?

Answer: The United States could destroy Bashir’s control over his chemical weapons. and others report that communications intercepts suggest some confusion over the order to use CW. If you were to make a list of things to worry about, … Continue reading

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