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In Iraq–ISIS is Symptom, the Problem is Worse

In Iraq, Washington is treating a symptom and avoiding the underlying problem.  Washington is busy with ISIS in Iraq and reporting substantial progress. On June 28th, Ambassador Brett McGurk reported to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee ( on progress the … Continue reading

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Knowledge is Expensive – Veterans Day 2013

Knowledge is Expensive Veterans day celebrates those who have served the country in the military services.  There are many members of the military who served with me in the Iraq Survey Group (ISG).  Overall there were more than 1500 people … Continue reading

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Syrian Ambassador on WMD Use

The Syrian ambassador to Iraq, Nawaf al-Fares, has declared his opposition to the Bashir al-Assad regime in Damascus. He has made strong public denunciations of the regime and declared that Bashir would use his chemical weapons capability against the opposition. … Continue reading

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The Real Change in Iraq

President Obama is doing the equivalent of the “Moonwalk” out of Iraq. There have been negotiations concerning the potential retention of US forces, but without success. It is not clear either side would welcome success. Maliki has no use for … Continue reading

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